TD Garden Renovations Will Modernize Major Arena

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The major renovations to Boston's TD Garden are providing plenty of jobs in construction for workers in the area. With an approximate budget of $70 million, according to Boston CBS affiliate WBZ, work will through the next two years and continue on a more limited schedule while the arena is open for games, concerts and other events. Some of the biggest changes that will occur during the current concourse renovation phase are the addition of the physical infrastructure needed to implement high-speed Wi-Fi throughout the building. Parts of the club section seating areas such as the pro shop will also be modified, along with updates to the restaurants inside the arena.

The changes during this phase are mostly focused on visitors, ultimately attempting to attract capacity crowds with better amenities and improved dining options. The New England Sports Network pointed out that the improvements currently being made involve complete renovations of two floors of the arena, along with more minor changes elsewhere. This is good timing for major renovations to the areas that primarily cater to servicing fans, as two of the TD Garden's major tenants, the Celtics and the Bruins, have both finished their 2014 seasons.

Modernization a Key Factor
Far from the problems that plagued the original Boston Garden, such as a lack of air conditioning that led to fog forming above the hockey rink when weather began to warm up during playoff season, the TD Garden is trying to maintain its position as a top-tier venue. Rossetti Architects, a firm specializing in sports and arena-related construction projects, is in charge of the concourse renovations. Rossetti is emphasizing improving the fan experience inside the Garden and offering digital avenues for sponsors to convey their messages. The addition of the high-density Wi-Fi, along with approximately 200 advertising display screens, are two of the biggest components of this renovations.

Other elements including reconfigured common areas to provide visitors more room to interact with each other and the addition of more upscale dining options, such as craft beer bars, point to the driving force of modernizing the arena. Although the renovations are costly, they are necessary to keep the arena competitive in the heavily populated area where it resides. By building now, the arena owners are better able to adjust for the future and keep the Garden an attractive option.


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